About Conference


Over the past decade, significant advancements have propelled the field of ultrafast phenomena to new heights. From enhancing our grasp of fundamental physics to driving innovations in photonics, materials science, and quantum computing, the study of light-matter interaction and ultrafast processes holds vast potential and is a swiftly evolving and thrilling field. The central objective of ICLMIUP 2024 is to furnish a comprehensive overview of the current status of developments in systems that encompass both light-matter interaction and ultrafast processes. This extends to the need for organizational principles, detailed material investigations, and the emergence of cutting edge sources for generating ultrashort pulses of light, including technologies like high-harmonic generation, few-cycle optical pulses, x-ray-free electron lasers, and new material development. Another integral aim of ICLMIUP 2024 is to establish an international forum for gathering the community of scientists, engineers, and researchers in a unified framework, fostering novel ideas and collaborations in understanding the physics of light-matter interaction and Ultrafast phenomena. Hence, ICLMIUP 2024 will be a platform for younger minds to interact with the pioneers of this field, the hot topic of discussion currently in the limelight of the Nobel Prize in Physics 2023.

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